• Fri Mar 1st, 2024

    DOMMINIO 2nd Review Meeting

    The recent gathering of DOMMINIO Project WP leaders on February 20th at a prestigious venue in Brussels, Belgium, marked a significant milestone for our project.

    The second review meeting kicked off with heartfelt opening remarks from our project coordinator, Pablo Romero Rodríguez, expressing gratitude to the entire team for their unwavering dedication and pursuit of excellence.

  • Wed Feb 14th, 2024

    DOMMINIO newsletter, issue #5!

    The much-anticipated Issue 5 of our newsletter is out!

    Packed with exciting updates, noteworthy achievements, and valuable insights, this edition is a testament to the incredible efforts and contributions of our dedicated community.

    We encourage you to dive into the newsletter, and explore the content here !


  • Wed Feb 14th, 2024

    DOMMINIO M36 Assembly meeting

    The DOMMINIO partners convened on the 30th and 31st at the remarkable premises of IMDEA in Madrid, the capital and most populous city of Spain, to review the project's current advancements and outline the forthcoming steps. Additionally, they had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the IMDEA facilities, offering all partners firsthand experience with the equipment and witnessing the ongoing work on DOMMINIO.

  • Wed Aug 30th, 2023

    DOMMINIO @ 13th EASN Conference

     The highly awaited 13th EASN - European Aeronautics Science Network Conference on "Innovation in Aviation & Space for Opening New Horizons" is speedily nearing, and we are enthused to participate in this prestigious event. 

  • Mon Jul 31st, 2023

    DOMMINIO M30 assembly meeting at Oyonnax, France (Auvergne Rhône Alpes)

    DOMMINIO partners traveled on the 18th – 19th of July upon the Auvergne Rhône Alpes, crossing unbounded sunflowers and cobs areas, and gathered at the impressive IPC Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des Composites premises in Oyonnax, France. The meeting commences with heartfelt opening remarks from the project coordinator, expressing gratitude to the entire team for their unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence through these thirty (30) months.

  • Thu May 25th, 2023

    Fresh DOMMINIO article @ the May issue of the EASN Newsletter

    The second issue for 2023 of the quarterly e-newsletter of the European Aeronautics Science Network has just been released, covering interesting topics relevant to the aeronautics community. Among other aviation highlights, it points out the latest news and current progress of the DOMMINIO project.

    Read on to hear more here!

    We hope you enjoy it!

  • Fri May 5th, 2023

    Video series “ASK THE RESEARCHERS” !

    DOMMINIO has launched an intriguing video series named “Ask the Researchers,” in which our researchers describe their work within the project.

    These wonderful videos give a glimpse into the thrilling path of the DOMMINIO project toward a step closer to cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable manufacturing.

  • Tue Feb 7th, 2023

    DOMMINIO team gathering in NTUA, Athens!

    On the 31st of January and the 1st of February 2023, the DOMMINIO consortium was gathered at the premises of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) for its M24 Progress Meeting, allowing remote attendees to join the meeting as well.

    This DOMMINIO hybrid meeting was an excellent opportunity for partners to present their latest scientific and technical results, exchange information on overall progress, and agree on the next steps to be followed. 

  • Fri Feb 3rd, 2023

    DOMMINIO article @ January’s 2023 issue of the EASN Newsletter

    Have you read our latest article included in the 1st 2023 EASN Newsletter?
    This edition is full of exciting news and information on the aeronautics field as well as all the details you need for our latest DOMMINIO research achievements!

    Discover and read our article here!

  • Wed Jan 4th, 2023

    New video: IMDEA Materials’ role in the DOMMINIO Project

    A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is probably worth a million. 
    Our project partner IMDEA Materials has been interviewed by the RTVE Play program Zoom Net, shedding light on IMDEA Materials’ role in the DOMMINIO project and giving an overview of the entire activities of the project. The amazing result of this interview captures the whole incredible journey of the project and its team of researchers toward the development of a digital method for improved manufacturing of next-generation multifunctional airframe parts.