DOMMINIO demo-cases

The methodology developed within the DOMMINIO project, will be tested and validated at lab scale, by manufacturing two representative airframe parts as demo cases:

Door Panel


A multifunctional airframe access panel has been selected as a demo case by DOMMINIO partner and global aircraft original equipment manufacturer, BAE Systems, to demonstrate the project developments offering wide applicability across the industry. In general, the current manufacturing processes are slow, labour intensive, and expensive. In order to achieve increased agility in production while meeting the requirements for quality and design flexibility, a transition towards a near net-shape and fully automated manufacturing process is needed. This ambition requires a holistic approach to the complete value chain which involves design, manufacturing, and quality control aspects, as well as strategies for the complete lifecycle of the product, including maintenance.

wind leading edge


A wing leading edge aircraft component as a second demo-case of DOMMINIO technological improvements, has been selected by ACITURRI, Spanish aeronautical Tier 1 and project’s partner. It is of high interest to reduce the manufacturing steps and dedicated tooling, while maximizing the reliability of the whole process and minimizing the buy to fly ratio (reducing scraps and leftovers). Additionally, usage of thermoplastics in this component, could lead to some weight savings. Paramount for the following years in aerospace are integration functionalities in airframe parts reducing assembly and installation times, improving overall quality standards and reducing the environmental footprint in terms of energy consumption and material use.