Conference Presentations

Oral presentation at the 20th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM20)

“Investigation of the Influences of AFP process Parameters on the Crystallinity and Mechanical Properties of LM PAEK Composites”

Ansedes, F.


Oral presentation at the 18th European Mechanics of Materials Conferences (EMMC)

“Elasto-Plastic Surrogate Models via Neuronal Networks”

Zarzoso, M., González, C.


Oral presentation at CM3 - TRANSPORT 2021

“Multiscale Modeling of Composites: Towards AI assisted virtual testing of composites”

Zarzoso, M., González, C., Vilatela, J., Romero, P.


Oral presentation at Smart and intelligent composite structures for innovative industrial applications - (SICS 2021)

“Inductive thermal effect on thermoplastic nanocomposites with magnetic nanoparticles for self-healing, bonding and debonding on demand applications”

Kanidi, M., Loura, N., Frengkou, A., Kosanovic, T., Trompeta, A. F. & Charitidis, C.


Poster presentation at Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT) 2021

“Thermoplastic nanocomposites with magnetic nanoparticles for bonding and debonding on demand applications by local induction heating”

Maria Kanidi, Tanja Kosanovic, Anna Frengkou, Aikaterini-Flora Trompeta, Costas Charitidis