ACITURRI is a Spanish aeronautical Tier 1 specialized in design, manufacturing and assembly of high technology aerostructures and engine components. ACITURRI has capabilities in composite, metallic and additive manufacturing. ACITURRI cover the whole product value chain from concept definition to industrialization, certification and customer support. ACITURRI is a family-run company, founded in 1977 and in the aerospace sector since 1984 and with premises in Spain and Portugal.

Key assets in the project:
ACITURRI main role is acting as industrial end user, contributing within one of the demo-cases and monitoring the evolution of the project in order to guide the technology maturation to focus in areas in which more impact is produced.
One of the demo-cases to be explored under DOMMINIO (leading edge aircraft component) has been selected considering ACITURRI interests of future potential application of the project’s outcomes. For this demo-case, ACITURRI will design a representative coupon in which DOMMINIO technologies would be implemented in other work packages, in particular:

  • Multidisciplinary Optimization Techniques in the design phase
  • Innovative manufacturing processes considering ATL + additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Integrated functionalities for anti-ice and structural health monitoring Solutions
  • Improved in-process NDI capabilities

Also, ACITURRI has an important role in the assessment of the project results and collaborate with partners in dissemination, communication and exploitation activities, contributing with the industrial point of view over the potential roadmap ahead at the end of the project: confirming expectations and/or identifying new applications.