ASOCIACIÓN DE INVESTIGACIÓN METALÚRGICA DEL NOROESTE (AIMEN) is a Non-Profit association, located in the Northwest of Spain and constituted by about 90 companies, which supplies technological support to more than 400 companies dedicated to industrial activity related to metallurgy, automotive, railway and aeronautic sectors, shipbuilding, etc. AIMEN is highly specialized in high performance materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, such as joining, laser technologies, composite manufacturing, as well as robotics and automation. With more than 250 employees, AIMEN mission is to improve competitiveness and technology know-how of Manufacturing Industry. Since 2021, AIMEN participated in about 690 R&D&i projects, coordinating 20 H2020 R&D Projects, and partnering additional 34 H2020 R&D Projects.

Key assets for the project:
AIMEN is the project coordinator. Within the project they will be in charge of the Project Management and Coordination, and they will lead work packages devoted to

  • Functional materials engineering and the experimental parametrization of the DOMMINIO multi-stage manufacturing process (WP3)
  • Laboratory integration and data pipeline realization (WP6)
  • Ethics requirements (WP10)
  • AIMEN will be also collaborating in different activities in other WPs, including IP management and exploitation activities.