DASEL is a company specialized in the development of high-end ultrasound technology. They offer at the same time flexible solutions according to each client requirements. Quality is a commitment that DASEL applies in all production areas to maintain traceability of manufactured products. For this reason, the company has been certified ISO 9001:2015 and  ISO 9100_2018 by Bureau Veritas in the equipment production and calibration.
DASEL develops all its products with a modular architecture, using high-density re-configurable devices (FPGAs). Given the high cost for new hardware development, this design philosophy allows to adjust their systems to many different applications, with the incorporation of new functions or specific algorithms with no need to upgrade the equipment electronics.

Key assets in the project:
Within the DOMMINIO project DASEL main contribution will be made in WP4. Specifically, DASEL activities focus on:

  • Studying the propagation of ultrasound in non-homogeneous composite material (multifunctional composite laminates)
  • Developing specific air and/or dry coupling ultrasound transducers in compliance with multi-purpose manufacturing system requirements
  • Implementing a complete measurement system to detect defects during the layout process, at lab-scale
  • Comparison of the results obtained with standardized Ultrasound techniques for the inspection of cured materials