ESI Group

ESI Group, founded in 1973, is a leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping solutions and a global enabler of industrial transformation. Thanks to the company’s unique know-how in the physics of materials, it has developed and refined its advanced simulation capabilities since its inception. Having identified gaps in the traditional approach to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), ESI has introduced a holistic methodology centered on industrial productivity and product performance throughout its entire lifecycle, i.e., Product Performance Lifecycle™, from engineering to manufacturing and in operation.
Present in more than 20 countries, and major industrial sectors, ESI employs 1200 high-level specialists. In 2019, its turnover was 146M€. ESI is headquartered in France and is listed on compartment B of Euronext Paris.

Key assets in the project:
Within the scope of WP2 “Process numerical modelling and multifunctional prototypes design”, ESI focuses on the development of thermoplastic crystallization models and integrate them in CSM solver for prediction of residual stress and distortion of FDM deposits during solidification. To make possible the requested multi-disciplinary optimization related to process-product-performance a multi-scale approach will be developed that will lead to the generation of material properties of the final product based on the morphology of the laid tapes and added filaments.
Within the scope of WP6 “Laboratory integration and data pipeline realization”, ESI will leverage these developments and its multi-objective optimization tool, towards optimizing the manufacturing process and used case performance. Within this activity data analytics will be also utilized to enrich the knowledge data base towards improving the modelling parameters and process window.