The industrial technical center for plastics and composites

The industrial technical center for plastics and composites (IPC) has expertise dedicated to innovation in plastics and composites in France. Since 2016, the profession has new means to support all companies, especially micro-enterprises and SME, regardless of the process used, thanks to a contribution established to finance R&D, innovation, technology transfer and skills. IPC is established in Oyonnax, Chamberry, Laval, Alençon and Clermont-Ferrand. The Paris and Sainte-Sigolène sites have been newly incorporated in 2018. Our goal is to improve the competitiveness of our national industry through innovation and the supply of technological means for participating industrial beneficiaries. IPC builds its General Program of Research, based on resourcing actions, collaborative projects and joint actions, in collaboration with a network of experts, both at national and European level and industrialists in the sector. IPC is in phase with a vision and a context that are adapted to the needs of the industry in order to identify the products and processes of the future.

Key assets for the project:
IPC will lead WP4 focused on the “On-line process control for high quality automated manufacturing”, and will be in charge of:

  • The selection of materials and components for the manufacturing of multi-functional aircraft structures and the developing and integration of sensors for SHM
  • Input and experimental validation for the numerical simulation of the FDM process
  • Hybrid manufacturing (printing on an existing element) and optimization of the printing process parameters
  • Development of nozzle systems with improved thermal management and in line monitoring of the printing process
  • Printing tests of the developed sensors