Innovation in Research & Engineering Solutions

Innovation in Research & Engineering Solutions (IRES) is an independent consulting company, established in 2015 providing specialized services in the fields of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Nanotechnology and Digitization of Materials Characterization, incorporating Data driven methodologies (Machine learning).
IRES offers innovative nanotechnology solutions regarding the developing (nano)technologies focusing on the Life Cycle Sustainable Assessment (LCSA), Environmental & Carbon footprint and Circular economy, in line with the application of portable airborne nano(particle) concentration measurement instruments in specially designed exposure assessment experiments. Detailed analysis of data generated, and consultation on potential safety issues are also provided. All the above are merged with data driven solutions such as Machine Learning for Material Science, Computer Vision and Data management and generate extra value to the produced scientific data beyond their initial purpose.

Key assets in the project:
IRES is mainly involved in WP7 “Multidisciplinary optimization and virtual certification”, leading the task dealing with the environmental assessment and the recyclability of the multifunctional aircraft components and the manufacturing processes (ATL and FF).