NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS (NTUA) is among the oldest higher education institutions of Greece and the most prestigious among engineering schools. The “Research Lab of Advanced, Composite, Nano Materials & Nanotechnology”, R-Nano Lab is located at the School of Chemical Engineering (Department of Materials Science and Engineering) of NTUA. It was established in 2007; its research group has extensive experience in Designing, Production and Characterization of Advanced-, Composite- and Nano- Materials. R-Nano brings together a multidisciplinary research team, comprised of experienced staff such as chemical, mechanical and metallurgical engineers, physicists, and chemists, specialized in materials research and innovation, as well as experienced technicians and equipped with extensive facilities for materials production, process and characterization.

The core expertise of the R-Nano research team includes: synthesis of carbon-based and magnetic nanomaterials, development of advanced composite nano-materials, development of advanced anticorrosive coating systems, and a wide variety of testing methods, including structural, nano-/micro- mechanical, electrochemical and tribological materials characterization. Additionally, R-Nano services are associated with extrusion-based processes, nanocomposite filament production, Additive Manufacturing/3D printing and induction heating systems for functional materials with self-healing properties.

R-Nano Lab has a strong presence in European Research Activities in Materials Science, through participation in numerous EU and national funded projects. As part of the European Technological Community, R-NanoLab is an active member of several Clusters (e.g. EMCC, EPPN, NSC) taking part in establishment of new standard methodologies, provide suitable background for regulation and nanosafety, and support EC policy development.