Tortech nano-Fibers LTD

Tortech nano-Fibers LTD is developing and industrializing a patented process for the manufacture of Ultra-Long Carbon Nano Tubes (ULCNTs) as non-woven mats and continues fibers for a wide range of commercial applications. Their unique FCCVD (Floating Catalyst CVD) offers major advantages in regards to the CNT's properties, quality, price and applicability for materials production processes.
Until now, the industry standard delivery for CNT has been in a powder form with a number of recognized drawbacks including agglomeration problems when used in resins, its tendency to be an airborne health hazard, as well as poor aspect ratio and properties. To solve those issues, Tortech has developed non-woven ULCNT mats and fibers.  These offer major advantages that can improve performance, reduce life cycle costs while avoiding health and safety issues.

Key assets in the project:
Tortech based on their expertise, lead the continuous CNTs fibre for the filament development, production and scale up in all the WPs involved: from the materials specifications (WP1), development of new filaments (WP3) up to the demonstrator validation (WP5). They are developing their patented process of ultra-long CNT nonwoven mats and fibre production, while focusing on scaling up the process for a cost-effective industrial production process. The expertise of Tortech is the production process and post-treatments of non-woven CNT mats and fibres at variable physical parameters.